Suan Park


The adventure park SUAN PARK is a type of amusement park, consisting of several air routes located at various heights from the ground that, with the help of lianas, Tibetan bridges, cable cars, nets and walkways, allow you to move from one tree to another or on a special artificial structure, in extreme safety.

Acrobatic paths on trees for adults and children from 4 years of age!

Qualified staff will always be present along the way to provide all the information, useful advice and for supporting  you whenever you want!


You do not need to be an acrobat to have fun. The activities of the park are intended for anyone who wants to experience the strong emotion of being suspended among the pines, larches and firs of the magnificent Val di Fiemme, to challenge their limits in total safety!

Three different routes for length and height above the ground. Included in the BLUE and BLACK routes is also a double cableway of 160 m of total length which crosses the Avisio torrent !!

The entry fee includes:

  • harness with longes
  • helmet
  • protective gloves

What to bring:

  • sneakers or boots
  • sporty and comfortable clothing

Each park user will be briefed by qualified staff before tackling the routes.



green route – € 8,00 per person:
simple path 2 meters from the ground for the little ones at least 80 cm high.

blue route – € 12,00 per person:
11 intermediate difficulty passages with a maximum height of 5 meters;  for children with a height of more than 120 cm and for adults.

black route – € 15,00 per person:
20 challenging passages with a maximum height of 10 meters; for children with a height of more than 140 cm and for adults.



SUAN PARK is located near the playground of Ziano di Fiemme, with toilets, tables, benches, and a fountain with fresh spring water!

Ideal location to celebrate your child’s birthday in a healthy and friendly way, and to make pleasant family picnics!